The 11th session of the Consultative Council for the Holy Defense and Resistance Combat Medicine Institute was held.

Fighters: About 70 percent of the burden was on the Basque and Revolutionary Guards
The head of the Holy Defense Resistance and Resistance Institute at the beginning of the session presented with a report from the meeting of the institute managers, in the presence of Sardaratali, the head of the Holy Defense Information Institute, saying: “Friends of the Institute of Information had good experiences in the implementation of research projects and projects, It can be a good model for the Martial Arts Institute. He also pointed out that, of course, the size and extent of the work of the military medicine is not comparable to the field of information, and we in the institute should be connected with all the areas that played a role in the health care of the war and with their help to advance the goals of the institution. Fathiyan also referred to holding a meeting with the provincial desk office under the responsibility of the General Staff of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and said: “I have emphasized Dr. Abdullahi as the desk officer of the provinces for the priority institution, follow up and realization of the programs on the IRGC SARMAR table.” A large amount of work is realized on this table and it is necessary for the Defense Corps to structure L I see myself working to accomplish this. In the following, Dr. Mohagheghi addressed the discussion topics of the contents of the journal and referred to the necessity of discussing the ethics of medicine in the sacred defense and said that the best human behavior can be used in sacred defense, and now we have a problem and a crisis in this field. And to solve these, we need to use this culture and friends have to spend time. Dr. Khatami said: “We should deal with the issue of medical ethics and the introduction of the model,” he said while expressing his respect for those who were in war medicine. He said that some people who were the source of medical services at that time are now manifestations of anti-morality Have been kidnapped. In the end, Dr. Arab said about the content of the Cultural Journal: Special attention should be paid to the impact of the publication, and a specialist work should be done so that we can examine the goals, its positive or negative effects in the medical community. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the publication and publish an influential and credible journal in the medical community.