International museum day was celebrated on 17th May at Howeyzeh hall of Islamic revolution and holy defense museum.
At the beginning of the session, Dr. Jafari director of the museum welcomed all the guests and spoke about resistance of Iranian nation against Saddam’s Ba’ath army and described Iran-Iraq war as a war in which no part of Iran’s territory got separated. He added “Islamic revolution and holy defense museum as one of the largest and high-tech museums of western Asia tries to cooperate with other museums to preserve the concepts of Islamic revolution and holy defense and creating the network of public relations of the museums is an attempt to do this”.
The second speaker was Dr. Mohammad Reza Kargar, manager of museums of the cultural heritage organization of Iran and he stated about importance of the museums in the societies and the role of Islamic revolution and Holy defense museum in preserving an important period of contemporary history of Iran.
Then Dr. Ahmad Mohit Tabatabaei the director of ICOM-Iran stated that spirituality and sacred are important factors, so the next conference of ICOFOM in Tehran will be about this matter.
At the end of the ceremony virtual tour of the museum and a book by Dr.Javaheri about scenarios in the museums were unveiled.