Dr. Fadhil in “The First National Awakening of the Martyrs and Veterans of the State Pharmacy

The university’s faction, even in medical sciences
The sacred defense was a brilliant experience for doctors who were present at the fronts
Dr. Iraj Fazel, a veteran doctor of medicine and a famous surgeon, said at the ceremony “The First National Awakening of the Martyrs and Heralds of Pharmacy of the Country”, Iranian doctors in the field of treatment of the wounded in war, in addition to unique initiatives, were able during the holy defense Get brilliant experiences as well.
He added that Iran’s medicine was the first to show the world a new way of treating warriors
Dr. Iraj Fazel continued, “It is a war of terror, and it will bring destruction, but when the war was imposed on our country, it created great experiences for all specialties.”
“In all wars, hospitals are being built in the back of the war, which causes more casualties, but during the holy defense, it was decided that hospitals in the closest place would not have to go to the nearest hospital for our warriors to travel far away with the injuries they had.” Make the front line.
Dr. Fadhil said field hospitals showed a new foundation in the treatment of warriors and we carried out the hardest practices in this hospital.
He added: “These hospitals were close to the front lines, which was the martyr” Rhenmon “, when I was martyred in three yards.
At the end, he emphasized: Those who are alive from the sacred defense period have missions that they must carry out, including the continuation of the martyrs’ way and the same morale.