On behalf of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in accordance with the laws of the Central Secretariat of the International Commission on the Status of Military Medicine (ICMM), the representatives of all countries of the world are honored to participate in the 4th Asian-Pacific Military Medicine Congress held from October 20 to 23, And Sima will be held in Tehran, I will be invited.

The focus of the congress will be on the issue of the “future horizon of military medicine”, which is in line with the common objectives of the member countries, namely, the promotion of medical-military scientific activities and the consolidation of the link between the medical forces of countries, not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but also between all countries of the world , Is. The main scientific congresses of Congress are: chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear, explosive – medical countermeasures, psychology and cognitive sciences in the military community, crisis management and military trauma and military medicine education and international co-operation.

By providing a space where experts from all over the world, with expertise and backgrounds, share their knowledge, the Congress will present a variety of scientific meetings, round tables, workshops, and of course free articles and e-posters; And will provide an exceptional opportunity to strengthen relationships and collaborations to share and transfer knowledge through discussion among participants.

Tehran is one of the most amazing cities in the world located in the mountain range of Alborz. Unique civilization and its Islamic heritage, which has flourished over many millennia, offers a different experience of the charm of Persian traditions to visitors. Tehran Metropolis is a city in which roads and culture come together. The palace of museums in the north and south of Tehran provides an opportunity to visualize the great moments of the history of the country and offer the visitor an enormous architectural heritage. South of Tehran is full of unique shops, markets, galleries and museums, and the north of the city is located along the attractive mountains and the magnificent summit of Damavand.

With the eagerness of accompanying you in these four days and the hope that you will meet with others and get acquainted with the latest findings in military medicine, I will rejoice at the Fourth Asia-Pacific Congress of Military Medicine.

Brigadier General II, Pasdar Dr. Hassan Araghizadeh
Chief of Staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
Chairman of the 4th Asian Medical Assistance Congress

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