“The Holy Defence Museum of Tehran is a modern and impressive museum and a good foundation for research and knowing about Iran-Iraq war.”
The above mentioned is Dr. Helle Malmwig s remark , a member of Denmarks DIIS study center after visiting the halls of Holy Defence and promotion of Resistance Culture Museum and said: “while war museums are quite boring, the Holy Defence Museum of Tehran with the proper use of world-class up-to-date technologies has created a different and impressive atmosphere.”
He added: “paying attention to human aspect of war is another important feature of Holy Defence Museum of Tehran making it possible to discuss effects of war on civilians.”
Pointing out to his specialty in the field of Middle East studies he said: “despite my familiarity with Iran-Iraq war from the past, visiting Holy Defence Museum was very instructive and impressive.”
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Helle Malmwig and Dr. Rasmus Boserup were guests at the Office of Political and International Studies of Foreign Affairs Ministry.