Twelfth Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Health


The 12th session of the Board of Directors was held at the presence of the Head of the Defense Intelligence of Iran’s Holy Defense Ministry. Talibee:
So far, 300,000 documents have been gathered in the area of ​​Holy Defense information. Imran Jafar Talebi, as a special guest of the institution, has presented a report on the functioning of the Institute of Information. They stated that the institute was established in 2011 in the field of Holy Defense information and until today Thousands of martyrs have been identified by provincial offices and held for the commemoration of the provincial memorials. Twenty of these martyrs were chosen as national martyrs. We are planning to hold the national congress of commemorating these martyrs this year. Mr. Talebi continues the statement We have 58 projects at the moment The two complete projects have been completed and we have identified 1,000 members of the Corps of Information Corps and have contacted them during the year, and so far we have collected 300,000 documents of Holy Defense information and are retrieving and disassembling them. In the end, the institute considered the institute as a science-and-research in the field of information and security issues of war and sacred defense, which continues to work using past experience and collecting documents.