Simultaneous with May 18, 2016 the International Day of Museums, Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Hinz the current ICOM President visited the Holy Defense Museum and its Director. The Museum Director and also the counselor of the Tehran Mayor, General Khazraei congratulated the Museums International Day and reported on how the Museum constructed and said “according to the museums target, giving correct information & expressing historical events to next generations, the Holy Defense Museum using the newest technologies tries to transmission of concepts & moral aspects of the Holy Defense period to its audiences”. In continue he answered some of questions about the way of collecting information and documents and he requested the ICOM President to give his ideas, offers and experiences with the aim of giving better services to the visitors. The ICOM President after visiting the Museum Halls wrote down:”all over the world a “NEVER AGAIN” must be the aim of educational work of museums and I congratulate the Holy Defense Museum for its work to inform the visitors about that unwanted war of 1980s and with the museum much success for the future”. It is mentioned that in this visit Mr. Seyyed Mohammad beheshti the Head of Research Institute for Cultural Heritage & Tourism and Mr. Mohit-Tabatabaei President of Iran National Committee of ICOM attended.