On the sidelines of the International Day of Peace which was held in the Holy Defense Garden Museum, Mohammad Reza Morshed Zadeh, Irans ambassador to Hungary awarded his Order of Merit of Hungarian which had received from Hungarian President.
In the special program of the International Day of Peace entitled “honorable peace, the outcome of resistance” Mohammad Reza Morshed Zadeh gifted his order of merit to J. Khazraei, CEO of Holy Defense Garden Museum and promotion of resistance culture &Tehran Mayor consultant and he awarded this to Martyr Babaei`s mother the representative of the veterans, families of revolution martyrs, Holy Defense and the defenders of the shrine.
In this ceremony the ambassadors of Indonesia, Iraq, Senegal, Ivory Coast Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Japan, Palestine &Uzbekistan embassies and also the representatives of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the Red Cross, the President of Iran ICOM, the Director of Peace Museum and the AEO Head consultant of Iran have participated.