Managing director of Holy Defence Museum in the assembly of cultural advisors:
The approach of Holy Defence Museum is description of moral aspects of soldiers.

The heroic and moral aspects of Holy Defence are extremely valuable and the function of Holy Defence Museum, with more than 3500 data, is representation of this moral approach.
General Javad Khazraee mayor of Tehrans counselor and Managing Director of Holy Defence Museum in an assembly held this morning with the attendance of Dr. Khameyar the international deputy of Islamic Culture and Communications Organization added: “in the Holy Defence Museum we do not limit ourselves to the description of what happened to our nation through 8 years of imposed war and our major goal is description and representation of moral and heroic aspects of Holy Defence.”
He said: “what gave the the name of Holy Defence to the war in our country was the resistance of great Iranian people against the aggression of Bathi enemy and also manifestation of valuable moral behaviour among soldiers.”
Khazraee continued by saying: “in addition to proper and accurate presentation of Holy Defence in the country we have to introduce it to other countries, the fulfilment of which calls for your help.
Counselor of mayor of Tehran reminded: “despite only four years of activity, Holy Defence Museum has compiled a good collection of Holy Defence data including the technical library of Martyr Sodagar, the most comprehensive library of Holy Defence and forming the largest data bank of Holy defence with video, audio, pictures and documents.
Managing Director of Holy Defence said: “founding the Council of Promotion of Resistance and Sacrifice Culture attended with military and cultural figures in Holy Defence with the purpose of presentation of promotional, moral, and behavioral programs of Holy Defence among people is another activity of Holy defence Museum in the field of promulgation of Holy Defence morals and inspirations.
Pointing out to the activities of Council of Promotion of Resistance and Sacrifice Culture he said: “within the past two and a half years, with the help of university professors and those working in the field of Holy Defence this council has been able to prepare 61 titles for proposal to employers and plan research projects for them; God willing, the research work of them will begin next year and then we can have a methodology for promotion of resistance and sacrifice culture in the society.”
Finally, the cultural advisors visited the halls of Holy Defence Museum.