Emphasizing on signing a joint cooperation accord;
Zabarovsky, the head of Moscow War Museum, who has traveled to Iran after being invited by Holy Defence Museum, appreciated the construction of Holy Defence Museum and said: “You have effectively presented the historical progress of Irans Revolution and your nations defence.”
He said: “You have capably registered and presented war events in the museum and similar to Moscow War Museum you have conveyed to the visitor how the war started, how it was fought and who fought it.”
Zabarovsky added: “in terms of both architecture and content, Holy Defence Museum is a glorious and precious complex and one has to be grateful to those who achieved these victories.”
He remarked: “fortunately you have done a good job with regard to Holy Defence culture and we are ready for any kind of joint cooperation with Holy Defence Museum. Presence of two deputies of Moscow War Museum and one of Russias heros in my company through my travel to Iran is an indication of our firm intention to have joint cooperation which I hope its draft can be written soon.”
After that General Javad Khazraee, mayor of Tehrans counselor and managing director of Holy Defence Museum, appreciating the acceptance of Holy Defence Museum by Mr Zabarovsky and his company expressed his inclination for joint cooperation and said: “while all wars are a symbol of immorality, our war was the symbol and manifestation of morality. Using various formats and topnotch technologies, we have tried to show the visitors what our nation has gone through because this nations victory over the enemy is the result of resistance and sacrifice of those who, armed with faith and Gods trust and following their spiritual leader were able to make the enemy retreat. Also, Managing director of Holy Defence Museum made a report of other programs of the museum like dispatching caravans from Tehran municipality for visiting war zones, holding meetings by the council of Promotion of Resistance and Sacrifice Culture, statistics on verbal history of Holy Defence, supporting M.A an PhD theses in the field of Holy Defence , establishing the largest digital databank and the most comprehensive technical library of Holy Defence and said: “Holy Defence Museum with the purpose of showing the victimization of Iranian people during the Holy Defence and introducing the moral and behavioral aspects of that period, is ready to have joint cooperation with Moscow War Museum.
It has to be mentioned that the head of Moscow War Museum has traveled to Iran by the invitation of General Khazraee, the managing director of Holy Defence Museum. In addition to visiting halls of Holy Defence Museum, he has attended southern operational zones of Iran, Milad Tower and Persian Gulf Lake.