The deceased Dr. Mohammad Ali Abu Tourabi was honored by the Holy Defense and Resistance Combat Medicine Institute at the commemoration of the sincere, inspiring and revolutionary Basij;

The commemorative ceremony commemorating Dr. Mohammad Ali Abu Torabi with the efforts of the Holy Defense Resistance and Resistance Medicine Institute and the participation of relevant organizations and organizations in the presence of senior figures and senior officials of the Armed Forces and the State; Major General Rahim Safavi, Supreme Commander of the Supreme Command, Imam Khamenei Mr. Al-Aali, General Yazidi, Deputy Head of Strategic Affairs and the Supreme Leader of the Supreme Leader, Dr. Ali Nobakht, Chairman of the Healthcare Committee of the Parliament, Mr. Dr. Cullivand, Head of the State Emergency Department, Dr. Asghari, Deputy Minister of Health and Head of the Food and Drug Administration Medicine, Heads of Medical Sciences Universities, Head of the Basij Community of Medical Society and Professors And the veterans of the Holy Defense Ministry, the family of the deceased and other members of the medical community, were held on Thursday, 23rd of December, 2012 in the mosque of Baqiyatollah Hospital in Tehran.

At this ceremony, the Medaq al-Bait, Hajj Sa’id Haddadan, with their epic reverence, gave the right to the story and cherished their remembrance with reference to the passages of the late Dr. Abu Tourabi’s life.

Hojjatoleslam Abu Tourabi, a former speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, also explained the importance of the presence of the medical community during the holy defense and, with reference to the ethical features of the late Dr. Abu Tourabi, had their name and memory recognized.

The alive teacher Dr. Mohammad Ali Abu Tourabi, the father of the martyr Majid Abu Tourabi, was a mediator in the struggle for the revolution and holy defense, who, with a series of struggles in the days before the revolution, was always in the scene of the front lines of the battle fights, and was in vain. As a surgeon, he saved John the many warriors who stayed in the minute.

With his revolutionary commitment in all stages of life and in the midst of events and dust, the sedition stagnated on the path to the revolution and the Provincial, and spent his entire life serving the revolution and the people. The incumbent surgeon played a significant role in the treatment of holy defense warriors, and even when their only son, during the Ramadan operation, gained massive martyrdom, refused to leave the emergency facility of the operation area until the commander of Hazrate Ahad Kazemi, commander of the Najaf 8th Division of Ashraf, She was ready to return to the city and give her mother the news of her son’s only testimony.

High ranking military commanders, including General Lashkar Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, General Safavid, General Leader, Supreme Leader, Minister of Health, Vice President, Head of the Martyrs ‘and Martyrs’ Affairs Foundation, Chairman of the Health Council of the Parliament Islamic Revolutionary Guard Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Imam Khomeini and many of the Holy Defense Surgeons commemorated the deceased Dr. Abu Tourabi’s letters of condolences and letters of condolence by issuing messages of condolence.

It is worth mentioning that the doctor and surgeon of the veteran veteran and father of the martyr Bezar Majid Abu Tourabi said on Saturday, December 11, after suffering years of suffering.