About Us

The Holy Defense Warfare is one of the specialized collections in the field of 8 years of resistance and epic saga, with the establishment of more than 50 field hospitals and thousands of emergency and emergency posts in the operational axes and the presence of its warriors, alongside the brave warriors, from front to field hospitals and Urban, revitalizing and healing of the infirmities and injuries of the mujahidin were the martyrs of Allah, and in this sacred route, more than 3,500 martyrs have been given the Islamic Revolution. The sacred movement that began with the arrival of some of the revolutionary and committed political forces of the medical community from the era of the revolution, and its peak, the epic and admirable presence of this community during the holy defense and its continued presence in the post-war years in the treatment of The injured and veterans have appeared and are now proud of the resistance front.

The Sacred Defense and Resistance Warfare Institute with a strategic look to this brilliant background with a scientific, research and cultural approach was established in March of 1395 by the command of Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the General Staff. .

The institute intends to cooperate with relevant agencies (Ministry of Health, Medical Education, Armed Forces, Red Crescent Society, Construction Jihad, Social Security Organization, Medical Association of Medical Association, Parliamentary Healthcare Committee …) And the efforts and efforts of the veterans of the Holy Defense Ministry to collect, record and record the achievements and experiences of the sacred defense and resistance forces and transfer them to future generations.

Hoping to extract and exploit part of the Ganjah Holy Defense Gate with the cooperation and cooperation of all jihadists in the country’s health arena.

Both measures were taken in the following four areas:

1) structure and organization
A. Formation of the institution’s components include:

  • Board of Trustees of the Institute
  • Central Working Group
  • Council of Thought

B) Administrative affairs:
Compilation and setting of goals, missions, duties and organizational structure of the Institute
Formulating and regulating the statutes of the institution and submitting them to the competent authorities
Legal registration of the institute through the relevant authorities and the advertisement in the official JSA newspaper.
Provide a five year strategic plan

(C) Formation of organizational and specialized tables
(D) The establishment of specialized committees in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

2) Educational – Research

  • Formation of two sessions of the editorial board The Quarterly Journal of the Institute (Cultural Promotion – Scientific Research) with the presence of the two former ministers of health, 40 professors and researchers and specialists with a history of sacred defense
  • Publication of the preview of the cultural extension section of the Quarterly Journal of the Martial Arts of the Holy Defense and Resistance
  • Formulation and submission of the Statute of the Martial Arts Research Center to the Ministry of Health for approval
  • The beginning of compilation of the textbooks of “Introduction to the teachings and values ​​of the sacred defense” with the approach of the Holy Defense medicine for medical students

3) Information and Information Technology

Setting up of the Information Base (Portal) of the Institute with the address: www.8hd.ir
Assigning the IIS Quarterly Database to: www.icjcm.ir

4) cultural-artistic

  • Action to create a database of nearly 3,500 martyrs of the Holy Defense Ministry
  • Action to create photo, movie and document database and Holy Defense Book Library
  • Martyr Doctor Mohammad Mehdi Faghihi (Ph.D.)
  • Producing a collection of 24 clips of pharmaceutical martyrs in the country
  • Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the Institute and the Museum of the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense
  • Documentation of the organization’s meetings at various levels (central working group, interviews, council of thought, specialized tables, oral history, etc.)
  • Setting up the group on the social network under the name of the Martial Defense of the Holy Defense
  • Holding the first national memorial of martyrs and pharmacists with the support of the Executive Chief of the Imam’s Command and publishing the Special Letter of the First Memorial of the Martyrs of the Pharmacist
  • Honoring and commemorating Basiji Sokolas and Woladi, the emergency surgeon of the Holy Defense and the father of the first martyr without a war imposed by the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Abu Tourabi
  • Meet the great martyrs of the Holy Defense Ministry